Friday, February 24, 2012

Back for more winter!

After a little hiatus spent in the warm bask of the Hawaiian sun, follwed by a little trek to Austin TX I'm back to the gloom and grey of Seattle!  It's the perfect weather for drinking beer and quite frankly I had my fill of Mai Thai's. 

Anyhoo, we have some fantastic new beers in the store, including some tasty ones from Lost Abbey, the Firestone Walker Sucaba (4 bottle limit per person), and some interesting beers from Dogfish Head.  Up next on tap we have some barley wines to warm you up from the rainy weather.

An update on the Retro Board Game nights.  The next night is March 10th.  Last time Burc and Renna played a tightly contested battle with a tie in Go Fish, but Burc was the victor in the end with a decisive game of Candyland.

So...come on down and drink some beer!!

Until next time...