Friday, July 31, 2009

Southern Tiers Goes Sour

Last night, as I sat on the back patio with my beer loving better half, I began singing the praises of Southern Tier's new farmhouse ale, the Imperial Cherry Saison. Sour, but not Lemonhead mouth puckering, with a subtle cherry flavor which I attributed to the aging in French Oak staves. This beer checks in at 8% abv which makes it the lightest SoTier offering in our stable - but an imperial none the less. The crisp finish was thirst quenching, mitigating the stifling heat. Body was a golden straw color and held a fizzy white head. I'm going to add this beer to a long list of fantastic brews produced by Southern Tier: Choklat Imperial Stout, Unearthly IPA, Gemini, etc...

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