Thursday, August 20, 2009

Samuel Smith Yorkshire Stingo - Limited Release

The brewers at Samuel Smith have just released a new and limited (only 2,000 cases produced) strong ale called the Yorkshire Stingo. Brewed with British malts and the classic Sam Smith yeast, the beer is aged for a year in oak casks that have previously held other aged beers lending it a complex flavor profile. This ale is finished by bottle conditioning to add smoothness and a fruity finish. The Stingo weighs in at a respectable 8% and is available at The Beer Authority in 18.7 oz. bottles.

The name Yorkshire is for the open, stone sided fermentation tanks and Stingo is actually a slang term for strong ales in the 18th century. The beer pours a dark brown with a flavor profile containing rich malts, raisin, dried fruit and caramel. Works best with strong flavored meats and cheeses or as a fantastic stand alone!

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