Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Taste 8/4/09

It's been so hot so long we're getting a little tired of tasting light bodied beers. Today we're bucking the trend and going with three black beers: Lev Black Lion (CZR), Pinkus Jubilate (GER) and Baron Schwarzbier (WAS).

Lev Black Lion: Is a classic Czech "tmave" (dark) beer with a sweet malty, coffee-like accent. Sweet malts are to the fore on the palate with a hint of drying sensation and a degree of fruitiness on the very lightly hopped finish.

Pinkus Jubilate: Certified organic, medium body with caramel flavor notes, rich depth, an smooth elegant finish.

Baron Schwarzbier:
A classic German black beer. The color is black with tinges of ruby and brown. The flavor is full and crisp. The Schwarzbier starts with a slight roast flavor upfront followed by a faint chocolate body with a very crisp clean lagered finish. A very full yet drinkable lager.

Tasting is from 4:30-7:30, no fee tonight!