Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sale a Trois! Three Beers Go On Sale Today.

The weekly poll ended in a three way tie so it looks like everyone will have a good selection of beers on sale this week! Southern Tiers Cherry Saison, Midnight Suns Kodiak Brown and Bayerns Oktoberfest (available on Thursday 9/10) have been marked down and will remain on sale through Tuesday, 9/15. What are you waiting for - you've been good, have a beer!

Southern Tier Cherry Saison 22 oz. bottle: Was $7.05, Now $5.77. The days are long and warm, and the spring blossoms have gracefully turned to plump drupes. Much in the same way, our Imperial Cherry Saison undergoes subtle but noticable changes while cruising from kettle to bright tank. Like the sun ripening fruit, a pit stop makes this beer better. Cherry Saison is aged with French Oak staves, imparting overtones of spice and balancing the natural sweetness of the cherries. Cherry Saison is the first in this series to incorporate oak aging. Enjoy it as a dessert beer, or tilt it back while sitting under a shady tree on a warm summer afternoon.

Midnight Sun Kodiak Brown 22 oz. bottle: Was $5.59, Now $5.29.
Rugged yet smooth, Kodiak Brown Ale sports abundant yet graceful portions of pale and specialty malts, balancing caramel sweetness with a roasted malt character. Perle and Willamette hops accent without overpowering this brown ale's intrepid maltiness. The result is a bit bold but beautifully balanced. That Kodiak Brown Ale is our most popular beer says something about the adventuous spirit found in Alaska. But we are not surprised; we know Alaskans are not afraid of the dark.

Bayern Oktoberfest 12 oz. bottle: Was $1.44, Now $1.24.
Classic German Dark Marzen. Not too sweet and yet very malty and nice hop flavor. Available Late September until it's gone.