Friday, June 17, 2011

A Crown For The Undisputed King Of 50 Beers!!

The race for 1st if officially over.  The rules of the Mug Club were simple.  Purchase 50 beers and get a mug with your name etched on it.  Sounds innocent enough, right?  Well, that changed quickly.  Instead on a community creating offering to get personalized mugs for our regulars it turned into a Death Race 2000 style free for all to see who could get there 1st.

At first it seemed that Colin would take the prize easily.  This is, indeed his home turf and he has been applying pressure to the barstools since the taps were installed a year and a half ago.  About a week into the competition, Colin had a commanding lead at 29 drafts to the next competitor with 19.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, Matt shows up on a Wednesday and kills 13 beers. (to be honest, he did buy some for friends and did not drink that many in one sitting. but he could)

With the pressure on, Colin realized that his lead was, under no circumstances, safe.  So he did what any proud regular would do.  he took off work early and came to the Pub.  Like a man on a mission he downed everything he could get his lips on.  It was like a pie eating contest but not gross.  When I left work at 6:30 he had upped his tally to 33 or 34 and, with eyes as focused as a high-wire-walker working without a net, he continued.

I went home, showered, ate and went to my other job.  All the while wondering what was happening back at the B.A. had Matt returned to add to his total?  Were the two simply staring across the table from each other, pounding beer after beer like Karen Allen and the giant freak in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"?  Would it be a sprint to the finish?

In the end, I received text message around 10pm yesterday saying he had reached the goal!  50 pints!  Not all drank by Colin, but all purchased and all consumed.  So here's to the King!  And for the King, a Crown!

Cheer, Colin!


..and here he is the next day.  Still in one piece...