Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey! That's My Beer!

"Oh, yeah? Well, I don't see your name on it!"

How many times has this happened to you? Never? Well, that's not the damn point. The point is, it could happen. It is physically possible for someone to drink your beer claiming it is their own. What's worse? Outside CSI style DNA testing, there is no way of proving it. . . .


That's right people. You can PROVE that beer belongs to you because it is in YOUR mug with YOUR name etched into the glass. Starting right now you can sign up for the mug club. It costs no money but returns so much satisfaction! Simply stop into the Beer Authority, order a beer, fill out a card with your name and play the waiting game.

This next part it a bit tricky so pay attention. You will receive your mug after you finish 50 pints. (10 oz. pours and cracked bottles count but not schooners) You will not, under any circumstances, be allowed to drink 50 pints on your 1st visit. That's not a club. That's a suicide mission and all together bad for repeat business.

Your boss may have his name on his office door but he does NOT have it etched on a mug at the Beer Authority. So, sir, he does not. That privilege is reserved for you and you alone.**

So come on in and be a part of something great!

Your Pal,


** Your boss is not excluded from this offer provided he is a customer of B.A. in which case he or she will have their name printed both on their office door AND our Mug. This will likely suck for you if you hate him/her. Or it could be fine, really, I'm not your career counselor. I'm just a guy who loves beer.

and chicken.